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#3833771 - 09/08/13 03:51 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
milan_croatia Offline

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 109
Loc: Split, Croatia
Win a set of MFG Crosswind by supporting DCS WW2 kickstarter with 40$ or more !!!!!!

It is initiative from ATAG Bliss on atag is info how it goes

And DCS WW2 Kickstarter site :

Idea is to get DCS WW2 funded...and one random will get a set of MFG Crosswind if there are more than 1000 pledges on ATAG Forum.

So spread the word, around all forums you know, let people know


Edit :
I joined the game to share expenses with Atag_Bliss, and I added a bit of spice :

Pedals will have S/N 0033 - with special engraving of the owners name, or his sqad name

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#3838582 - 09/18/13 07:39 AM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: IvanK]
klem Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/31/03
Posts: 44
Loc: UK
Originally Posted By: IvanK

only issue I had was figuring out where Win7 hides the calibration panel ! Here is the way to it for future refrence.............................

Hi IvanK smile

or you could:-
Devices and Printers...
Right Click on device and select Game Controller Settings

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#3844255 - 10/01/13 04:10 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
BigC208 Offline

Registered: 10/08/06
Posts: 153
Loc: Charlotte NC USA
I made a base for my crosswind rudder set. They kept moving around on the laminate floor. Used some plywood and kickboard that I had laying in the garage. Used woodscrews for now to test but will use nuts and bolts for the final version after I sand and paint the whole thing white. On the bottom of the base I put shure tape, anti sliding tape for rugs. It's rock solid now, no more sliding. The crosswinds are put together really well. No slop or slack anywhere. Very precise control is now possible compared to the CH Pro pedals I had for years. Very happy with the set. Thanks for putting these together Milan and keeping it priced competitively.

Edited by BigC208 (10/01/13 04:13 PM)
5930k, 32gb ram, 3x gtx980ti, 5x HP-ZR30w, Warthog Hotas, MFG Crosswind,Track IR4. Oculus Rift.

#3846722 - 10/06/13 03:48 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
milan_croatia Offline

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 109
Loc: Split, Croatia
Thanks on pictures and comments BigC, I'm glad you're happy with a set.

Sorry for my late reply, I'm busy producing these days.

It seem like most of the buyers don't use wall spacers at all. And from pictures I see the either have a corner table, or others sit far away from table with a floor mountet stick.

It's obvious that I can't ship such bit support to keep your pedals in place. More obvious small velcro pads would not do the job well especially if user like stronger - more realistic spring adjustment. What I can and what I will do when I have some more time is publish dxf and Pdf drawing of some sort of support plate with exact position of screw holes for pedals to make your life easier. I just want to think about it a bit more to come to some better solution than yours or others. Some people would like a posibility to easily detach pedals from IvanK. I think wall spacers can still come handy somehow if you want to make easy adjustment of pedals distance from your seating position...will think of something, try, test and publish it :-)


News about pedals !
I've made some slight modifications, mostly "under the hood". Important modification that upcoming buyers will have is electronics with bootloader and noise filtering for brakes axis for easier calibration and higher Controller ID in windows... I will speak more about it when I'm ready to publish specs.

For existing buyers, firmware upgrade only goes thru special kable, like PicKit2 programmer for PIC microchips. It doesn't bring much change now...but it's easier for future upgrades from windows - since it has bootloader. I'll send a firmware files etc as well as upgrade instructions for existing buyers who want to go thru that hassle.


Final price and availability of my pedals I'll publish in the evening or tomorrow on my website

#3846816 - 10/06/13 08:45 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
Brandano Offline

Registered: 08/14/07
Posts: 293
Loc: Caput Mundi (well, it used to ...
The simplest possible anti-skid solution is to have a piece of carpet big enough to go under both pedals and chair, and to fit the pedals with adhesive velcro pads that will grip on the carpet. Or even to bolt the pedals to the carpet, with another piece of scrap carpet under the bolt heads to protect the floor. The weight of the chair will easily keep everything in place.

#3902816 - 01/28/14 12:48 AM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: Brandano]
milan_croatia Offline

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 109
Loc: Split, Croatia

Hi all
First I apologise for Inactivity here. I focused on pedals production, firmware development, making upgrades to the pedals and responding to e-mails, listening to customers suggestions ... ... ... ... ...

This post is cumulative update to the work that is presented in this thread so well as on my website. I've shipped pedals with upgrades already...but didn't publish such info here it is.
I will separate it in 5 sections : Hardware upgrades, software and firmware upgrades, Extra cost options, future upgrade announcments and status


Rudder tension spring hook change to allow more tightening of the screw - more force on the pedals to accomodate airliners more realistic behaviour
Old vs new :

Old with maxed out force :

NEW with maxed out force :

Changed the way braking spring is hooked
This was done mainly becouse some springs are produced a little out of tolerance which sometimes coused squeeking I "forced" the spring to behave like I want it to

Some of the first sets shipped with a sharp edge where cable is exiting the front lever which might couse the cable to wear out prematurely. I've First made a service bulletin to those customers to make a loop with the cable like this :

After that...I smoothen those sharp edges. Tests confirmed the big radious cable loop is a way to go.
Still...all cables which twist extensively will eventualy loose contact. I thought about that a lot since rest of the pedals are made to last much much longer. After Testing various cables I found the right one. Test result was a suprise. Main advantage of new cable is that cores are shielded with quality polyurethane instead of PVC. It has coper shielding net around...and thicker rubber all around. Cable diameter is larger while coper cores are actually smaller...preventing cable to swing in very small radious. Due to the material useed cable is still very flexible. Shrink tube is used to prevent any movement around connectors. All of that makes it as robust as it could possibly be.

new cables with sensors and connectors attached :

These cables are already being shipped in pedals for a while. It's easy to replace old cables with the new...if old customers ever need to.

Serial Numbering
Every set from S/N 0003 has a engraved serial number...but I think I did not post a picture of it yet.

There are also some other minor changes "under the hood". Owners of the first sets will notice that holes for wall spacers on this picture are beweled, while on their pedals these are not beweled. Also on this pic too :

You can see beveled screw holes on braking shaft...normaly not seen after assembly...but there happend some chipping while machining in production. Some of the first customers know about it.
It could be said that I've polished my production technique to prevent minor imperfections and remove sharp edges on many places.

"Brain" of the pedals got the most attention.

- BOOTLOADER : firmware is easy to upgrade from windows. When new firmware is published...customers update it in a few clicks. This proved to be important not only becouse of new features.
- Resolution is increased to full 12 bit - 4096 true positions on all axis
- MFG Configurator tool - pedals have it's own software to adjust them. I present you what is now already V1.3

Such application is made to tweak the settings of the MFG Crosswinds. More abandon windows calibration completely. Once pedals are set up to your liking settings are saved within electronics of the pedals and will stay there even if you move to another PC. Software is not necessary unless you want to tweak it again or change the angle of the software is requied to calibrate the "viewing angle" of the braking hall sensor which is changed every time you set up angle of the pedals...simply recalibrate.

I'm proud of oversampling features in the firmware as well as averaging and decimation method used to filter the noise on the axis. Customer can turn it on/off...or tweak the strenght of the filtering.

DEADZONES - some users think that there should be some small deadzone to prevent accidental braking...some think there should be none. Also some users prefer to know that pedals are perfectly at 50,00% in the middle while other admire response to the slightest imput around the center. Well...I've made it possible to tweak it to customer liking like no other manufacturer.
You think I did nothing special there ? Or maybe you think your joystick don't have a deadzone ? Well THINK AGAIN.
Simple test...move your joystick very slowly around the middle of the axis while you look at the reading in something like DIVIEW software. You will definitely notice a small portion in the middle where joystick movement don't react in windows. EVEN ON WARTHOG !!!... That's "deadzone center" Number of positions which will not be read by windows in.In MFG Configurator you can turn it off or set it up to 40 positons. My Default is 8 positions out of 4096 - that much is almost impossible to notice by your feet


Also...within can revers axis...turn centering on/off, calibrate sensors (start-stop button), view the version of the firmware and see if pedals are connected or not. More features to come :-)

Previous firmware had "autocalibration"...every time you replug pedals or turn on your PC pedals autocalibrated. That didn't work I prefer that calibration is stored within electronics....but will possibly add checkbox for autocalibration if customers request.


CAM5 centering profile = 11 eur
Cam's are explained in a PDF document that you can open here on my google public folder

Width adjustment plates set = 19 eur
These are explained in youtube Video


Current extra cost options are in stock, but I will develop and produce more of these. First to see the daylight are :

CAM7 - cam that was requested by the customers to be like CAM6 cca 30% around the center and then continue toward end of deflection without progressive increase in strenght at all. It's purely COMBAT CAM ...not realistic :-)

US FIGHTER COMBAT STYLE FOOT PLATES - a.k.a. F16...don't know yet how to call these. It's been on my priority list for a while but ever since I started producing I lack of time to make them. My own wish is to make these very soon.
- new customers will be able to choose what foot plates style to ship with pedals
- also...will be able to buy additional set with pedals
- existing customers will be able to buy a set as an extra to ship separately

GREY/BLACK Color of the pedals. Now I can make a definiteve announcment that this will happen...don't have a time frame yet...and don't know if I'll continue to produce WHITE/BLACK or not.

Winner of ATAG Bliss MFG Crosswind giveaway is finally in contact with me. I will make some custom engraving on the pedals for him as promised and will set the price for such work and make it possible.

MORE FIRMWARE UPGRADES....I have a few more ideas there...we'll see what is doable so I won't announce each feature...but will simply send a link to customers whenever it's ready so they can upgrade.

I'm still booked up front. Currently I'm booked cca 1 month up front. I'm working on it to satisfy demand and have pedals in stock so that will hopefully happen soon.
In a meanwhile...all info about ordering from my website is stil valid :

Edited by milan_croatia (01/28/14 01:35 AM)

#3903877 - 01/29/14 05:32 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
Vorlander Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/07/13
Posts: 26
Loc: South Africa
Thx for a great update Milan.

#3904402 - 01/30/14 06:09 PM Re: Rudder pedals - prototype 1 - possible production [Re: milan_croatia]
Lausbub78 Online   content

Registered: 01/14/12
Posts: 235
Good news,thanks for the Update.

#3916136 - 02/24/14 07:13 PM Re: Rudder pedals ( Edited : in production : MFG Crosswind ) [Re: milan_croatia]
milan_croatia Offline

Registered: 04/09/13
Posts: 109
Loc: Split, Croatia

Giveaway pedals from ATAG Bliss initiative shipped today. Choosing a winner was delayed a few times, you can read about it on ATAG forums. Now, with Klem's permission I wanted to show you his pedals...custom engraved "KLEM 56RAF".

I figured I did not post any new pictures of complete pedals for a while so this is a nice oportunity to do it. On these pictures you will notice some of the recent upgrades on complete pedals.

1. Brake sensor CAP ( separate picture) - modified the cable entry to the cap so no gluing or fixing is necessary to keep the cable in place. The way that cable is going thru the sensor cap prevent it to be accidentaly pulled out. Most important reason for this update is to prevent any cable movement around the sensor, but retain easy servicing if necessary in the future.

2. Both front and rear main bearing assembly got changed. You will notice on pictures that rear assembly don't have circular support but rectangular all the way. This change was introduced to make assembly even more rugged, but also alow me to better and simplier align all parts resulting in quicker and better assembly process.

Of course...both upgrades are fully backward compatible with older pedals.

Also, with some final changes under the hood I finished polishing the main design of the pedals. Now I already have a lot of experience producing pedals which allowed me to make parts to a little bit tighter tolerances. Don't get me wrong, all pedals before function just great and these recent changes is just like fine tuning of already a great violin

#3916195 - 02/24/14 08:54 PM Re: Rudder pedals ( Edited : in production : MFG Crosswind ) [Re: milan_croatia]
Lausbub78 Online   content

Registered: 01/14/12
Posts: 235
Congratulations to KLEM 56RAF

Great updates Milan.

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