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#3576188 - 05/20/12 06:07 PM Day Z single player "Mod"
MedinaES Offline

Registered: 07/06/05
Posts: 1126
Loc: Destination Unknown...
I haven't visited the forums for a while, so I don't know if it has already been posted.

For those having trouble in finding servers to play Day Z in multiplayer there is a "mod" that includes all features and allowing playing Day Z in single player.
It's not the same as playing with other humans but at least it still keeps the rest.

You need to have Day Z installed in order to use this single player mod.

#3577264 - 05/22/12 12:41 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
HogDriver Offline
Retired Flight Simmer

Registered: 10/09/10
Posts: 2219
I've been playing with that a bit, but it seems to break when you reload a saved game. (the debug menu and DayZ specific sidebar icons are gone, meaning no food, water, or blood icons etc)
I refuse to buy a flight sim that I have no interest in playing, on the off chance that MAYBE someday they'll make the one I really want to play.

#3577494 - 05/22/12 06:50 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
MedinaES Offline

Registered: 07/06/05
Posts: 1126
Loc: Destination Unknown...
Same problem here.
Multiplayer is better for sure, but I hope a fully working single player version is released for those who don't have the time to play it multiplayer.

#3577511 - 05/22/12 07:31 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
kludger Offline

Registered: 02/26/07
Posts: 8563
Loc: Seattle,USA
Single player is also pretty good as an opportunity to test things out without paying the penalty of losing your equipment if you do something wrong.

I tried it and was a bit freaked out because it has that "saved time" countdown which makes me wonder if it is updating the central server with progress in single player, if so then I think that may be a risk of being seen as a hacker since Rocket the dev responsible for DayZ has said he doesn't want a SP version... and he has perma-banned the people who were guns/ammo hacking the earlier versions of DayZ.

So for me I will probably pass on playing further single player sessions to avoid the risk of being banned since I really like DayZ and it would suck to be banned.
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#3580454 - 05/26/12 07:15 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
MadMike Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/14/11
Posts: 13
This Rocket dude sounds like a complete #%&*$#.

Offense intended.

#3580488 - 05/26/12 08:47 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
Master Offline

Registered: 07/12/04
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Loc: NW Alabama, USA
lol he is a complete #%&*$# but at least you know he isnt going to fold to the general public outcry and have the mod be changed into something that he never intended it to be.
And we as its creators don't feel ready to hear your annoyed jabber about it.
-IL-2 BoS Dev Team

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#3580510 - 05/26/12 09:55 PM Re: Day Z single player "Mod" [Re: MedinaES]
MedinaES Offline

Registered: 07/06/05
Posts: 1126
Loc: Destination Unknown...
I play it single player because I don't have time to find the right server. Besides I get better frame rate playing it single player.
The big difference playing it single player is that you are truly on your own and no bandits trying to kill you to steal your stuff.

I don't particularly understand why that guy doesn't want a single player version.

A new version of the single player mod is out fixing a problem with the "HUD" disappearing after resuming a game.

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