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#3547003 - 03/29/12 12:28 AM Rogue System Development Update
Crisis Offline
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Registered: 01/23/12
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WIP video is now up on youtube at:

Hi all. It's been a while, so I thought I'd update you on my progress (this was the original introduction post from a month or so ago just so you know what I'm on about smile ).

I've set up a VERY basic website and forums, which you can find here

While there's nothing at all to look at really as far as media is concerned, the "Developer's Blog" has been updated with an overview of what I've been working on during Milestone 5 (M5). Likewise, there's a post in the forums which goes into more detail about the latest additions, which is here:

If you don't feel like registering (although I thank you if you do), here's a rundown of what's been added:

Damage System:
--Determine location of weapon impact and apply damage force to that area of the ship
--Determine if damage force is enough to penetrate armor, and then the hull
--Apply damage to system/s in area of impact
--Decrease system performance based on damage (electrical, mechanical, cooling (air and coolant)

System Explosion/Fire Hazard:
--If a system is damaged badly enough there is the possibility of an explosion, which could cause damage to a nearby component
--Prototype Fire Suppression System for oxygenated, ventilated compartments
--Fires can spread if not extinguished (mainly for electrical systems in the pilot/cockpit compartment)

Shield System:
--Preliminary shield system functionality
--Shield power loss due to repeated hits
--Shield power distribution
--Ability to stop incoming energy weapons if shield has enough "strength"

Tracking System and Tracking HUD Elements:
--Target Trace brackets (multiple targets can be "Traced")
--Target Track bracket (a target trace can be commanded to "Track" in order to provide more information and attempt a lock)
--Target Lock bracket (if a target's signature overcomes background clutter it can be locked in order to get a firing solution)
--LCOS aiming reticule
--Stationary Gun sight
--Target Deselect functionality

Fighter Pilot AI development:
--Pilot can determine current mental state condition (Timid/Broken/Defensive to Aggressive/Gung-Ho/Offensive)
--Pilot can choose a flight maneuver based on mental state and past experience (if the maneuver failed in the past then it's less likely to be used again in similar conditions)
--Scriptable flight maneuver list implemented
--Dynamic Pilot Steering improved (thus improving main weapon aiming)

--Secondary Weapons (missile-type systems) implemented
--Weapons displayed on hardpoints based on current weapon loadout
--"Dumbfire" Missile (non-tracking) launch behavior
--"Dumbfire" Missile (non-tracking) inflight behavior

--Placeholder missile thrust
--Placeholder engine thrust
--Placeholder maneuvering jet thrust
--Placeholder weapon impact

I'd also like to announce, in case you missed it, that Kevin Chow has graciously offered his services. He's an excellent musician and "sound guy" and I'm excited to be working with him. Also, Rogue System will officially be supporting TrackIR. All the "paperwork" has been signed and I have the SDK in-hand. Really jazzed to be able to include it right away smile

And finally, I'll be working up a new WIP video in the next day or so. When that is up I'll update this to let you all know. In the meantime, if you DO register on the forum you'll find a quick screen grab showing the placeholder missile and engine thrust effect--not final by any means, but a good idea of the direction I'm going in. This can be found here:

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#3547258 - 03/29/12 01:42 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
Bulletstop Offline
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Cool look forward to the new video.

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#3547266 - 03/29/12 02:06 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
kestrel79 Offline

Registered: 11/19/06
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Loc: Wisconsin, USA
Wow this is sounding awesome! Keep up the great work sir.
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#3547402 - 03/29/12 06:12 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
darkmouse Offline
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As above!

#3548058 - 03/31/12 12:42 AM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
Crisis Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/23/12
Posts: 98
Sorry. It's going to be another day or so for the new video. I suffered a MASSIVE HDD failure today. Fortunately I had back-ups but it's still going to take me a couple days to get everything back up and running. I promise as soon as I can I'll get the new video out. Stayed tuned...

And remember, back-up, back-up, BACK-UP smile


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#3548371 - 03/31/12 07:12 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
THX-1138 Offline
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Looking forwards to updates of your work here at SimHQ as well. I agree, backups is a crucial insurance policy against all types of disasters from malware to physical damage.
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#3548965 - 04/01/12 09:45 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
Crisis Offline
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Registered: 01/23/12
Posts: 98
Finally--new WIP video is up. You can check it out here:

Thanks smile
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#3549420 - 04/02/12 05:44 PM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
Peally Offline

Registered: 01/24/10
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Loc: Wisconsin, USA
Seems like last week we got the first video, and it has already progressed this far. Good work!
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#3561734 - 04/24/12 12:21 AM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
Crisis Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/23/12
Posts: 98
Just a heads-up: I posted a very small updated over at my forums with a few shots of the new cockpit interior I'm working on. As I mention in my post, this is not final art, but more of an intermediate step between where I was and where I want to be smile Anyway, here's the link:

I also updated the development blog over at my site, too, if you're interested:


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#3561870 - 04/24/12 09:09 AM Re: Rogue System Development Update [Re: Crisis]
komemiute Offline
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Hi Crisis,
sorry to bother but you have a PM in the Development Forum!


And good job, btw!
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