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#3525863 - 02/25/12 08:29 AM Re: Friday update [Re: kilosierra]
Trooper117 Offline

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Forget Oleg, he's gone, and I don't care one jot that his 'vision' was to have some battlefield 1942 utopia.
What I wanted, and paid for was a Battle of Britain experience that has been pushed aside as unworking for many, for some idiotic all singing all dancing 'let's play war' game..
I have followed the IL2 experience from day one and have been a loyal fan and have bought everything they have produced. But the reason I parted from my hard earned cash, and willingly, was for my love of WWII 'aviation'.
Looking at other forums I know for a fact I'm not alone. The IL2 experience has taken a very meaningful turn in the wrong direction, and sooner or later, an enterprising body will jump into the void they are creating and will steal the crown.

#3525865 - 02/25/12 08:33 AM Re: Friday update [Re: ATAG_Bliss]
Force10 Offline
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Originally Posted By: ATAG_Bliss
Originally Posted By: Force10

This is not the usual debate that has been done to death, this is a new issue about buying a flight sim and having it being turned into something else. It's going to be discussed, get over it...IMO

Turned into something else? New issue? No wonder people are soo upset. No one even researched the title they bought in the 1st place. The ground war stuff has been in the works for years. Why do some of you people think the sim is magically changing from what the initial scope was? I really wish some people would take the time and at least research the sim before pounding their chest saying it's not what they paid for. If you didn't want drivable vehicles perhaps you should have complained about them 2 years ago, or even better, maybe you could've complained about it when you saw in the controls section was an area dedicated to just for vehicles. I mean, here's your sign lol.

All these forums are straight up comedy gold. Thanks to all of those that add to them.

Here's a radical thought: Maybe people are upset that they are working on making it a tank sim when they haven't even made it a combat flight sim yet. They are spending money for people to code the drivable vehicles when maybe they could have used the funds to get the flight sim part working. Fix the freakin' flight sim part first, then they can make a drivable tractor that you can import your Wii avatar into for all I care.
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#3525869 - 02/25/12 08:51 AM Re: Friday update [Re: kilosierra]
BKHZ_Furbs Offline
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Bliss, when we get the patch and it fixes the CTDs, it adds historical FMs and a AI that makes single player worth playing then people(me included) will be much more welcoming to these "other things".
Even if he told us the CTDs have been fixed(why havent they?) and the FMs fixed(again, why cant they?) and the AI improved it would of helped allay peoples worries.

They have had almost full year, we should have a working flight sim with historical FMs if nothing else right?

On a side note, did the tracers look better in that last vid, less lasers? <------------ positive smile

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#3525897 - 02/25/12 11:10 AM Re: Friday update [Re: Steve_F]
FIScott Offline

Registered: 07/21/09
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Originally Posted By: Brigstock
Originally Posted By: TROOPER117
Smoother and a more stable game will be a step in the right direction to be sure..
But to show yet another video of how the ground forces aspect is developing, when they have acknowledged they aren't even sure if it will make it into the finished game is a non event..
We hopefully wanted to see how the 'flight simulation' side is improving.. Is it me? Am I assuming too much by wanting to see some actual air combat simulation progress?.. if so I apologize in advance.

It ain't just you....

I think for the purposes of the last 3 weeks of updates it was never intended to be anything but a non event. It is clear enough that they have had hell on trying to put together the latest update that, lets face it, is all but a game re-write. The pressure to say something, anything, was mounting as the peasants were revolting so we just had three weeks of fluff and they got a bit of breathing space.

At least they are learning how to handle their crowd.

#3525900 - 02/25/12 11:22 AM Re: Friday update [Re: FIScott]
BKHZ_Furbs Offline
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Originally Posted By: FIScott

At least they are learning how to handle their crowd.

Some of us notice the smoke and mirrors.

#3525942 - 02/25/12 02:52 PM Re: Friday update [Re: Para_Bellum]
commorange Offline

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I hope they dont forget the killstreak rewards this time. it will be so cool to get a care package for shooting down 3 planes. cheers
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#3525947 - 02/25/12 03:02 PM Re: Friday update [Re: BKHZ_Furbs]
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Originally Posted By: BKHZ_Furbs
Originally Posted By: FIScott

At least they are learning how to handle their crowd.

Some of us notice the smoke and mirrors.

As I see it, the community asked for regular updates, the devs listened and delivered said updates.
I would call that a good result for those that wanted them, and a good sign that the developers are actually listening to what the community wants.
As for all the speculating that goes on after these updates well, thats all it is, speculation, nothing to worry about.
I'm going to reserve my judgement, good bad or otherwise until the beta patch arrives.
In the mean time I'm going to fly my underpowered, inadequately modelled yet somehow immensly fun Spit 1A. xwing

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#3525954 - 02/25/12 03:15 PM Re: Friday update [Re: kilosierra]
Avimimus Offline
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Originally Posted By: csThor
Originally Posted By: Avimimus
Originally Posted By: csThor
For starters PR has always been the red-headed stepchild of MG and with Luthier at the helm it's only gotten worse so I guess they don't want to invest more than the bare minimum of time.

Interesting CsThor, we've both been around for a long time - however, my view is a little different: I thought Oleg was usually brilliant in his personal style and PR back in the post-release heyday. Things just deteriorated after 2007...

I don't think this was a company strategy but Oleg's personal style. There was no "conscious thought" behind it, it was more like an instinctual thing since Oleg put too much "blood & sweat" into it. PR-wise Maddox Games was always not particularly creative - we never got more than screenshots and more or less cryptic statements, often less than substantial ones at that. They were never comparable to what Jason does at ROF (which I find most informative and upfront).

Yes, I suppose a lot of it was indeed personal style. He is very charismatic in his own way (in part because we don't always understand what he is saying wink )

Originally Posted By: TROOPER117
Forget Oleg, he's gone, and I don't care one jot that his 'vision' was to have some battlefield 1942 utopia.

Never! Viva la visin! We will see it fulfilled someday!

#3525956 - 02/25/12 03:18 PM Re: Friday update [Re: Pudfark]
Avimimus Offline
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Originally Posted By: Pudfark
After reading the "animal" posts....?
I'd say that CloD has hit rock bottom...

Good Post Furbs....Seems like the warden is running the asylum here. elmo

Yes, well - does this mean that we're a parliament "the only madhouse run by the inmates")? wink

I'm sorry if the sense of humour is a bit too much - but I do swear that somewhere, deep inside of me, there is a hidden little place which silently screams for me to request 'pet donkey' as a feature.

Originally Posted By: Chivas
Later in the thread BlackSix indicates there will be a collision model for the Trees in the future. Its highly unlikely that the next patch will address all the game play issues, but it should be a good start.

I've moved from half-believing it is possible to four-fifths believing it is possible - I'm euphoric. biggrin

You better not be wrong Chivs'... wink

Originally Posted By: theOden
While I do see use for First-person-AAA, I'm not so sure about first-person-tanks.

Well they have the ballistics model, turrets & sights, damage models for vehicles and the terrain/graphics engine. So, they can produce a pretty neat toy (~on par with Panzer Commander) for very little effort.

From a software development point of view it makes sense. It is like gold from lead, the philosopher's stone - they can produce product for very little additional development cost, while most of the work is focused on improving the engine.

#3525959 - 02/25/12 03:23 PM Re: Friday update [Re: ATAG_Snapper]
bisher Offline
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Originally Posted By: ATAG_Snapper
Originally Posted By: bisher
Could you condense that Furbs, way too many words


I wuz just teasing, though when I see muliple paragraphs in a post my eyes do glaze over

Thanks Fearless nice condensation, %30 seems smack on biggrin
Ivan Putski, gone but not forgotten

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