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Some stuff captured from work in progress on Operation Sealion mission 6 for Cliffs of Dover.

"Operation Sealion, Sept 23: On the third day of the German invasion German forces captured Folkestone port and Lympne airfield. Large numbers of civilians remain trapped behind enemy lines due to the speed and surprise of the attack. German ships are now able to unload directly to the docks at Folkestone and an air bridge has been established at Lympne to ferry Luftwaffe aircraft and supplies to this new Luftwaffe base in England. British forces have consolidated their defences north of Folkestone on the ridge at Killingwood. The German XXXI army corps is en-route to Lympne, with the 8th Panzer Division pushing on Killingwood ridge. British long range artillery targets Folkestone Harbour."

HD: http://youtu.be/OPSiFp-SYwU

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