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#3468589 - 12/05/11 07:58 PM FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model
1.8t Offline
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Greetings Pilots -

I am flying an up-to-date FC2, all planes:

My perception is that the flight models seem "bouncy." This is for all of the planes. Flying seems twitchy and bouncy, with a total lack of inertia. Their is no sense of mass fighting the forces of gravity. As far as I can tell, the flight models is not on simplified (although the avionics are, set separately through the control panel). I am pretty sure it is not a trim issue, as the I am not fighting the trim at all.

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Is this a joystick sensitivity setting? Any help is appreciated.

#3468619 - 12/05/11 09:24 PM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
GrayGhost Online   content

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Could be a stick sensitivity issue, could be something in the FM, could be that you're going too fast or you're not handling the stick smoothly enough.

Could be all of the above. It really depends on what you mean by bouncy - without seeing what you're doing, it's hard to tell.
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#3468642 - 12/05/11 10:12 PM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
Teej Offline

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Are you a long time Falcon player, 1.8?

I was...and when I first checked out lockon, I had a similar experience. While I'm not convinced FC2 flight models are dead-nuts accurate, Falcon has always felt a little too much...."on rails" a lot of people described it as and I can't come up with a better explanation. It helps a lot to "curve" the joystick response. About 20-30% curve usually feels closer to what one might perceive as real.
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#3468972 - 12/06/11 01:23 PM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
malibu43 Offline

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Yeah. Adjust the joystick curve and dead-zone. I don't usually do that for other games, but I really needed to for FC2.
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#3469300 - 12/06/11 08:00 PM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: malibu43]
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Thanks for the replies fellas -

Yes, I have played F4 on and off throughout the years. Most recently, I have played FSX and an Ultrapatched IL2. The flight models to me in those sims just seem more believable in that the flight model simulates the sensations of being in control of an aircraft weighing tens of tons.

Maybe "bouncy" was not the right word. Maybe "floaty" is the correct description. I am not saying one sim's flight modeling is better, or more realistic, just that the FC2 Flight Model seems off. I am gentle with the stick, and I don;t have the simplified flight model on. I will fiddle with the joystick settings as suggested, that may yield some results. I would go back and try the original FC for comparison, but I cannot get that one working correctly on my setup.

Off to fiddle. Thanks for the responses.

#3471776 - 12/11/11 01:00 AM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
Eugene Offline
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1.8t, coming from Falcon I had (and have the same experience) that you describe. Falcon may not be the "perfect" flight model, but convey the feel of inertia and substance, for lack of a better term, more than the LOMAC/FC series. I have worked with the stick curves and dead zones for improvement, but it never feels quite right. That said, there are a lot of people who feel the other way around, that the Eagle Dynamics effort is superior to the venerable Falcon franchise. Apart from the strict comparisons of realism, I guess this is why ice cream stores have chocolate AND vanilla - and all the rest.

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#3528830 - 02/29/12 01:30 PM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
ru_disa Offline
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Sounds like a controller issue. I had the same problem when I first tried FC2. Especially with the F-15, the plane was literally bouncing up and down as soon as I touched the stick. I solved the issue adjusting the curves for pitch. I set the first half of the joystick vertical arch to give very little, very smooth response. That allowed me to adjust course vertically without jumping all over the place. Also, use the trims. When I'm cruising I use the trims almost exclusively to adjust course. Again, set the curves of your vertical trim so that you're able to move it around and input very little variations (you want your trims to be very un-sensitive... am I making sense?)
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#3548160 - 03/31/12 10:12 AM Re: FC2 Help With Bouncy Flight Model [Re: 1.8t]
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In my thinking, you really need to break up FM comparision between the su25's and then everything else in FC2. IMO su25 and 25t feel more "right" than all the others.
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