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#3428848 - 11/08/11 04:39 AM Re: You Want to know how much steam is ripping you off? [Re: Desert Eagle]  
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This is kind of old news. It was splashed all over the net several years ago and is even included in the criticism section of the Wikipedia write-up on Steam.

Here's an article from 2008 on it.

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#3428856 - 11/08/11 05:12 AM Re: You Want to know how much steam is ripping you off? [Re: Desert Eagle]  
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Its not Valve, it is the game developers. They set the prices, not Valve (unless it is a Valve title). TWI stated this, and priced RO2 the same in all regions (with included VAT). Most game devs just "covert" $60 into 60 Euros, ect. In the end, it is up to the independent game devs/publishers.

Autodesk does this with 3D studio max as well. $3,500 USD = 3,500 Euros on their website.

#3428868 - 11/08/11 05:45 AM Re: You Want to know how much steam is ripping you off? [Re: Desert Eagle]  
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its not steam thats ripping us Aussies off its the publishers etc

games in the shops are much dearer here even though our currency has risen 30% against the US dollar over the last year or so. The same for Hardware, Apple is worst offender. Same for european imported cars such as BMW and Audi.
Basically we get screwed by everyone as , whilst we have a robust economy, we dont have the purchasing power due to our population size.

I find i can buy music and books from Amazon in the US, 1/2 the price of retail here and even with freight come out way ahead.

I buy most of my games through steam as they are still cheaper than the boxed versions.

#3429016 - 11/08/11 01:09 PM Re: You Want to know how much steam is ripping you off? [Re: Desert Eagle]  
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I've also found tons of great deals on Steam over the years, although I admit I've been buying new releases at the regular "10% preorder discount" as well.

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#3429072 - 11/08/11 02:29 PM Re: You Want to know how much steam is ripping you off? [Re: Desert Eagle]  
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You should try the prices here in Belgium, electrical goods and software are classed as luxury goods and attract a higher rate of tax. A PS3 game in the local store costs €60 upwards my son bought Battlefield 3 for his birthday last week and it cost him €67, in the UK I could have got the same game for £35 but he didn't want to wait. BF3 Limited Edition for the PC was £29 via Amazon UK, in the shop it was €59 for the normal edition. Even Steam is cheap compared with going to the shop here and getting a piece of software.
I imported a Bluray writer for my laptop I got it through Ebay for Aus$200 (€149/$206 US/£128) but it cost an extra €120 to get it through customs here, still it was better than Lenovo's £700+ for one.
My amp for the home cinema was £5k UK and €8k here same diffrence for the TV, I got the last plasma set they had in the shop at a big discount compared with the sticker price but it was only a few euro cheaper than in the UK

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