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#3405580 - 10/07/11 11:36 AM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
dude163 Offline

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#3406530 - 10/09/11 01:46 AM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
BeachAV8R Offline

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Very interesting read/photos. History is fascinating. Even moreso when you can put your hands on it, smell it, feel it, and walk in the steps of those before you. What a great journey..
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#3406893 - 10/09/11 07:00 PM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BeachAV8R]
BBall Offline

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Originally Posted By: BeachAV8R
Very interesting read/photos. History is fascinating. Even moreso when you can put your hands on it, smell it, feel it, and walk in the steps of those before you. What a great journey..

Thanks Chris,

Yeah, I was introduced to the "world of history" as a youngster growing up on ARMY bases all over the world. My Dad made a huge point of getting us off of the bases (little bastions of America), and taking us to see the local sights....mostly historical areas. This sparked something in me that has lasted a lifetime (strangely enough, I've attempted to do the same with my children...must've taken paratrooper son was a "History Major" in college).

BTW, I just zoomed by Iwo Jima yesterday heading to Tokyo from Saipan. We were deviating around some TRWs, and went almost directly over the island. I snapped a ton of pics and will post some up in the "Iwo Jima pics" thread later...

Have a great day all,


#3406939 - 10/09/11 08:39 PM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
wheelsup_cavu Offline

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Those will be cool to see. Looking forward to seeing them. thumbsup

Cheers wave

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#3431342 - 11/10/11 07:54 PM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
Kestrel2004 Offline
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Really appreciated going on your tour. Great Subject. Thanks for posting.

#3431822 - 11/11/11 12:43 PM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
Boilerplate* Offline
Viceroy of Huntly

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Fascinating. Thank you very much BBall.

There are some things your presentation reminded me of. First, like you, I was a military dependent over in Germany only a decade or so later in the late 70's and recall the rich history that was so accessible, not only regarding the world wars but also from the medieval and renaissance periods. (The beer isn't so bad either) In particular, one of the most striking, was touring the Verdun Battlefield - where I believe they still have off limit locations because of live ordinance or unstable structures. I read an account from the 50's where a US service man was killed in an accident by falling through one of the fort's floors and into an old cistern. They didn't find him for days. The other place I recall was a tour of East Berlin that took us into Plötzensee where several of the Operation Valkyrie conspirators (among others) were hung on meat hooks. (They were referred to by the guide as heroes of the war). In the western parts near the French border it was quite commonplace to see Siegfried Line dragon teeth structures strewn about as well. (Probably our European friends aren't so fascinated by this..)

Now back to the Pacific... this especially hits close to home because my great uncle Pvt. George Phillips received the Medal of Honor posthumously for smothering a grenade on Iwo Jima. He was a reserve with the 2nd Battalion 28th Regiment of the 5th Marines Division sent in on a subsequent wave I imagine. He was initially buried on the island but was disinterred and returned to the states in 1946 and re-interred in Labadie, MO. My folks had the honor of attending an annual ceremony the local Marine unit puts on for him every year last summer. They were very impressed by the gracious treatment by the Marine hosts. It's now on my to do list.

Unfortunately, most of these memories survive only in my noggin or on slides or traditional 3x5 photographs stuck in boxes in my folks attic. Someday, I'll have to see about salvaging them.
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#3466568 - 12/02/11 11:29 AM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
BBall Offline

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Loc: Dresser, WI, USA
Thanks for sharing BP.

I had a chance to visit Normandy once on a work trip (100 hr layover in Paris), but it didn't happen. It is (of course) on my bucket list. Don’t wait too long on digging up those pics in your folk’s attic. Treasures like that are just waiting to be discovered and shared.

Have a great day all.


#3467549 - 12/04/11 12:49 AM Re: Peleliu (Pt 4) [Re: BBall]
TankHunter Offline
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Thanks much BBall, I never would have expected that there were so many artifacts from the battle still there.
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