Trimming the aircraft inside the sim with "ALT+Up Arrow, ALT+Down Arrow, and so on) using the keyboard works well. I programmed the Cougar with the script editor to do the same with the pov hat. And when i use it insde the sim the aircraft goes to the direction i'm trimming, but when i release the pov hat, it start to trimm to the oposite direction, indefinetely. For example, inside the sim when i push the pov hat for nose up trim, and then i release the pov hat, and it starts continuosly to trim nose down. Same with rolling trimming.
Using the "Event Tester" from the script editor, everything seems to works fine, i have none sticky behaviour. When i release the pov hay it show the key combination and the time i hade the pov hat pushed.

I post the code just in case, but i couldn't finde anything wrong.

TTM File:
define HOTAS_Trim_nose_down L_ALT+UARROW
define HOTAS_Trim_roll_right L_ALT+RARROW
define HOTAS_Trim_nose_up L_ALT+DARROW
define HOTAS_Trim_roll_left L_ALT+LARROW
define Reset_Trim PULSE+L_SHIFT+UARROW

TMC File:
include "target.tmh"
include "Falcon4_BMS4.ttm"
// Declare Flags
char s3_button;
//program startup
int main()
Configure(&Joystick, MODE_EXCLUDED);
Configure(&Throttle, MODE_EXCLUDED);
Configure(&T16000, MODE_EXCLUDED);
if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error
SetShiftButton(&HCougar, S3, 0, 0, 0, 0);
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Mapping Cougar Joystick TRIM Hat (H1)
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
MapKeyIO(&HCougar, H1U, View_Up,
MapKeyIO(&HCougar, H1R, View_Right,
MapKeyIO(&HCougar, H1D, View_Down,
MapKeyIO(&HCougar, H1L, View_Left,

Anybody had a similar problem and knows the solution?
Thanks in advance.

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