Hi all

Just an idea I wanted to share with other offline players: Playing offline F1 2010 or SBKX in "career" mode can be a bit tedious since I have to "work up" the ranks. While this allows one to play with his own name and choice of start number, you never get the good teams right from the start.

So what I'm doing now is simple, but tons of fun:

For F1 2010 I picked Felipe Massa (my favorite underdog). For SBK-X I picked Max Biaggi.

I'm running a full 2010 championship in each game, and I have the 2010 yearbooks for SBK, Formula 1 (and also WRC).

I set the difficulty to the max I can reasonable handle without it becoming unfun, and then with each race, I can actually see if I can keep up with the real world driver I'm playing as. For Felipe this ultimatly means finishing the season at least 6th position - for Max obviously 1st is the goal. Both placements seem to be realistically achievable in the games but are hard work.

Giving the racing a real-world context just makes it so much more fun. Also the other drivers (AI) perform very much to their real world level, so you can read about the battle between Max and Leo, then go to the virtual track and do it.

I might just start a WRC 2010 camphionship with Matthew Wilson also. It doesn't always have to be a top driver, playing the underdog is also fun.

Joining history (books) and game I've always enjoyed about my flightsims (as do many others I've seen around here) so I think it's really a pretty cool way to go about racing.