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#3369975 - 08/18/11 08:02 PM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Hackl Offline
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Registered: 10/28/01
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Loc: Kelowna, BC,Canada

Just me though for online wars.

#3371028 - 08/20/11 06:58 AM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Hackl]
cheesehawk Offline

Registered: 02/23/11
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Loc: CA, USA
You II./JG27Rich? I see him all the time.

#3372903 - 08/23/11 06:42 AM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Hackl Offline
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Registered: 10/28/01
Posts: 2579
Loc: Kelowna, BC,Canada
Yes and I put up "Another JG27 Adventure" videos on youtube when I get a cool kill witch is about twice a year wink

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#3373542 - 08/24/11 01:11 AM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Hackl]
wheelsup_cavu Offline

Registered: 12/04/08
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Loc: Corona, California
Good video Hackl. I kept trying to change the view with my mouse though. hahaha

Cheers wave

Mission4Today (Campaigns, Missions, and Skins for IL-2)
Planes of Fame Air Museum | March Field Air Museum | Palm Springs Air Museum

#3375008 - 08/26/11 01:37 AM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Hackl Offline
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Registered: 10/28/01
Posts: 2579
Loc: Kelowna, BC,Canada
I hear ya hehehe. smile

#3390433 - 09/15/11 07:02 AM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Logan Offline
Head Tater peeler

Registered: 04/30/09
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68 sq."The FoxBats" are looking for new members and squads to team up/fight with as well.
A little about us, what we do.

68 sq."The FoxBats" is looking for members.
Do you like flying twin engine,fighters,dive bombers and maybe a few level bombers?
Then we want you! We fly Axis and Allied as needed. Through Hyper lobby/Xfire for servers and direct connect host.
We are an international squadron and we fly all kind of planes for both sides, on public servers and on our own server.
The focus is on getting the job done and returning to base. To that end we try not to "conga line", flying together with the same load out and fuel. Preferring the realistic settings and limited icons, using the gauges not the speed bar when ever possible for that full immersion effect. We will fly on other settings as the server dictates or the host does for that night.

Skill or no skill, we can help in anyway needed.
We try to fly as historically correct as we can in IL2/with mods.(UP3.0 RC4)
Also we fly Rise of Flight and Cliffs of Dover
We don't have an official game. We'll play just about any air combat game.
Buying all the games that we use is not a requirement. Members may participate in our activities limited to games that they own.

Just visit our website/forum to get started.
We are now seeking new members and squads to fight with, come check us out at
See you in the skies
Head Tater peeler,OIC of nothing

#3523657 - 02/21/12 09:24 PM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
5JG27Farber Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/21/12
Posts: 1

5./Jagdgeschwader 27

We are 5 Staffel of JG27, a virtual fighter squadron, flying the BF109. 5 Staffel make up the back bone of our force and carry out air superiority, reconnaissance and escort duties as required.

Video 1 - Click me!

We also have a Zerstrer or destroyer unit who fly the deadly Bf110 heavy fighter. Heavily armoured, heavily armed and able to carry a large pay load, these juggernauts of the sky can perform a large selection of tasks with ease. From destroying ground targets to decimating formations of enemy bombers, there is not allot of things 9./ZG26 can't achieve when 5./JG27 is around.

Video 2 - Click me!

We are looking for mature members aged 18+ primarily from Europe who enjoy playing online competitively in campaigns and dog fights as well as unit versus unit matches/scrims. We fly when ever we can but Saturdays 20:00 GMT is our group weekly session. We also have an Optional flying session on Wednesdays at 20:00 GMT. We are also online in ATAG's "full switch" (Full Realism) server anytime Friday and Sunday. We use Teamspeak 3 to speak over net and all members are invited to come on and have a good time if were flying or not!

We are recruiting all skill levels! But we fly full switch settings and always with closed cockpits!

We operate a continual career program where by you are credited achievements and victories based on historical criteria if you survive the mission and at least make it back to friendly lines. If you die or are captured you get nothing for the sortie. This helps to create a realistic sense of engagement from our members and discourages bad flying routines in return for kills. Teamwork is a very big factor for us, in fact its the basis of everything we do. We also publish the exploits of our pilots in our newspaper - Die Zeitung. Here is one of our past editions covering action in the BoB Campaign:

Please have a good look around our web page and forums before applying. The only thing we want is those with a passion to fly!

To find out more, please visit our [color:"#3366ff"]Web Page[/color].


5./JG27 & 9./ZG26

Edited by 5JG27Farber (02/21/12 09:27 PM)

#3597560 - 06/26/12 02:51 PM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Marmus Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/01/11
Posts: 19
Loc: Pennsylvania
The virtual II./JG53 Cliffs Of Dover Squadron.

We are a group of flight sim enthusiasts who fly co-operative missions online using the Il2 - Cliffs of Dover game by Oleg Maddox's 1c and Ubisoft.

We are always welcoming new recruits into our group from all over the world. We are primarily a Bf109 Squadron however we do also have a Bomber section that operates alongside our fighter operations.

Our Bf109 Gruppe is seperated into three Staffels based upon geographical locaton:

Staffel 4,Weisse = UK/EU
Staffel 5, Rote = USA/ CAN
Staffel 6, Gelbe = AUS/ NZ

We also have a Kampfgeschwader staffel which flies bomber aircraft and dive bomber aircraft called II./KG53 which accepts members from all over the globe.

We offer a comprehensive training programme through the Luftkriegsschule compromising of several classes ranging from basic pilot school to advanced schools for each chosen career path.

In order to join us you don't need to be an ace, we take everyone no matter what skill providing you are a mature person who wishes to share in the co-op nature of this simulation.


#3623752 - 08/10/12 12:13 PM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
F19_Klunk Offline
Cr@p Plane aficionado

Registered: 11/06/03
Posts: 716
Loc: Somewhere, Meatball land

SvAF is an abbrevation of "Swedish Virtual Arforce" and started out as a non-offical group back in 2009 consisting of the virtual squadrons F16VS and F19VS.

F19VS and F16VS have been flying together since 2003 and for many members our squadrons have always felt as one, even though there has always been some kind of sibling rivalty amongst us.

As time progressed our squadrons got tighter and tighter. Even though we had our own squad tags ("F16_" and "F19_") and our own sites ("" and "") we felt that we needed some kind of term to descibe us as a group. In 2009 the term "SvAF" surfaced, and was used loosely to group our squadrons together.

After two years (2011) we have decided to make SvAF more offical, thus merging our homesites to one. Our individual squadrons still exists though. We are keeping our squad tags but henceforth SvAF is our offical "joint venture" so to speak.


F19 Virtual Squadron, now a part of SvAF (Swedish Virtual Airforce) consists of a couple of flightsim-enthusiasts, regularly playing the excellent flightsim "Il-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles" with all additions and "IL2 Cliffs of Dover". We have been around as a group since 2003.

We, as many other virtual squadrons found on the net, decided to build our unit based on a real squadron from WWII. As the initative for this squadron came from Sweden, it was only natural that we built it on the Swedish Volunteer Unit "F19", a squadron consisting of volunteers who fought for the Finnish cause during the Winter War 1939-1940.

We are NOT an elitesquadron, that is a squadron who only recruits TOP-OF-THE-ART-pilots. The main objective is to create a community around flying online and having great fun in doing just that.

We in SvAF have predominatly been flying IL2 1946, but slowly getting into CloD.. You might have seen a few of us in ATAG server..

Some in-mission movies (IL2 1946)

See ya on the air

Edited by F19_Klunk (08/10/12 12:15 PM)
Nobody can hear you scream.. in an open cockpit

#3688083 - 11/25/12 01:47 PM Re: IL2 CoD Squadron? Post it here. [Re: Wklink]
Steve_F Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 12/30/00
Posts: 2975
Loc: London, England
The European Air force is a group of around 40 players from all over Europe. We are divided into several Virtual Squadrons:

19 Squadron (UK)
92 Squadron (UK)
310 Squadron (Czech/German)
322 Squadron (Belgian/Dutch)
331 Squadron (Norwegian/Scandinavian)
602 Squadron (Scottish)
51 Stormo (Italian)

We welcome players from all over Europe and of all skill levels. Our ethos is to have fun as a part of a like minded community.
Although we were an IL2 Community (and an EAW community before that) we are now fully involved in Cliffs of Dover and Rise of Flight.
92 Squadron for example no longer play IL2 at all.

Our flying nights are Mondays and Thursdays 21:00-24:00 CET

If you are interested in joining us please contact me via PM or visit either of these sites or
Jasta 2 "Boelcke" - Rise Of Flight

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