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#3290756 - 05/09/11 08:13 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Gunslinger5577 Offline

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Loc: USA
Chucky, I've done the same on a few occasions. Mostly attributed to my screwing up combat formations and maneuvering. I was able to get a few lucky hits by closing to medium range and ordering my ships to launch en masse. Results in kind of a shotgun like effect.
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#3290771 - 05/09/11 08:32 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Chucky Online   biggrin

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Originally Posted By: Gunslinger5577
Chucky, I've done the same on a few occasions. Mostly attributed to my screwing up combat formations and manoeuvring.

That was exactly how I did it.

I think that friendly fire adds to the realism and confusion of battle.When I first did it I thought what the hell just took out my cruiser? A quick look at the map revealed all. RTFM
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#3291029 - 05/10/11 03:56 AM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gatorman82]
AggressorBLUE Offline
Check out my
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Originally Posted By: Gatorman82
I worked with Kim Biscoe on two projects (688 Attack Sub - Sega Genesis and F-117A Stealth Fighter 2.0). The problem I have with asking people for help is that I can't guarantee the game will ever be published and I'm worried about wasting their time. However, I feel encouraged by all your comments, and I will try contacting some of the people suggested on this thread.

I already spoke with Bill Stealey about this game, but he has limited resources and sees Warbirds as his priority. So that didn't go anywhere.

I will keep trying, but I'm a bit discouraged by the lack of enthusiasm I encounter from most people. Even the people who like the idea usually let me down when it comes time to set time aside to help me....

Just curious, have you considered reaching out to the IGDA? You might be able to get a hold of some college students, looking to boost their portfolio, get to work with an industry veteran, and get their name in the credits. It's a potential win-win for everyone.
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#3291115 - 05/10/11 07:04 AM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
FokkerDVIII Offline

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I have GNB 1 through 5 on CD still.Good times.Would love to see some new large surface warfare simulations out there as long as they were not hacked up like the Silent Hunter series has become.
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#3291745 - 05/10/11 10:55 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Nimits Offline
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Its times like this I wish I had a spare million or two to throw around, to help fund projects like this . . .

#3292400 - 05/11/11 05:59 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
sonarman Offline

Registered: 05/16/06
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Loc: Ayr, Scotland UK
Another possibility for you Ed would be to contact Paradox Interactive who have recently financed/published the age of sail titles "East India company", "Commander conquest of the Americas",the merchant ship sim "Ship Simulator Extremes" and the forthcoming modern naval RTS "Naval War: Arctic Circle" Quite a growing portfolio of maritime titles yet missing a wwii title, Task Force would be a perfect fit.

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#3292583 - 05/11/11 09:23 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Radsr30 Offline
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Wow, and here all along I though I was the only guy who ever bought TF1942!
I would ask everyone at the computer clubs and anyone else I ever met if they ever played TF1942, but no one had a clue.
One of my favorites of all time. Still kept the game and if I could scan the "Control Summary Card" for you to use I would
gladly do it.
Hope this comes to fruition!

Rick ahoy

#3292928 - 05/12/11 07:55 AM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Alain-James Offline

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Loc: France
Dear Mr.Fletcher,


I was lucky enough to read about that news just minutes ago. While being pressed by my work right now, I just wanted to spare a little moment to express my deepest pride and honor to be able to write a little word of thanks.
I grew up playing Microprose sims, and TF1942 was my third one, after F-15 II and Silent Service II (but Dad was more into SS2, too scary for me ^^). TF1942, together with its extensive and impressive data and reading, was most probably the very game that made me. Going through the ship id manual, the battle reports, the campaign, was one of the most ecstatic experiences in my young life. Today, WitP:AE goes beyond some of the restrictions of the TF1942 and 1942:PAW, but still, it lacks the real time stress of these games campaigns offered, something that was never achieved or even done this way again, ever after. I spent countless weeks, or month of my life playing TF1942 and PAW, just like I did with F15II, M1TP, M1TP2 or EAW alike, some of them you had a connection with to I guess. These weeks were not lost, they are a tribute to how you, along with a few others, managed to actually make culture and history learning, fun and rewarding.

It lead me to history and simulations, made me like things I like today, made me what I was some years ago, and still am today. I still play the TF1942 intro music on the piano, I can still remember Anchors Away at the end of my successful campaign, I still picture these ships I grounded in Kula Gulf and the cutscene of the Japanese officer going down the stairs at night. I still remember waiting for Vandergrift to send me news about his offensive, or raging over the fact that even though I was prolonging artificially the campaign game, I couldn't get to see the BBs I was suppose to receive. I remember spending so much time playing custom naval battles that I still wonder how my parents could come along with that. I still remember I was playing TF1942 when I fried the 486's motherboard and went on outside pretending nothing happened. I remember all of this happened, and I remember I was barely 10. You, Sir, contributed to events that are (maybe to my shame!) among my most obvious memories from a lost past, long time ago.

I just wanted to say to you: Thank you, and Good Luck.

Yours, truly.


Edited by Alain-James (05/12/11 08:38 AM)
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#3293430 - 05/12/11 06:04 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Ccrashh Offline
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Registered: 02/21/07
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This is so amazing. I still have my TF 1942 in it's original box. I haven't been able to play it for many years now, but I loved the game so much I just couldn't bring myself to throw it out. It's in pristine condition..

As soon as I saw this thread on the frontpage of SimHQ I had to check it out.. I wish I had the money or the computer skills needed to help with this project.

I have downloaded DOSBOX and the TF 1942 game from the net. Installed them and am happily back on the bridge of my Destroyer leading the division in for torpedo attacks against the Japanese Navy Heavy cruisers.

I feel like I'm 27 years old again. Thank you to everyone who posted links for me to find this game again and thank you to the new blood and interest in bringing back to life a classic.

Good luck and best wishes,


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#3293516 - 05/12/11 07:36 PM Re: Neptune's Inferno [Re: Gunslinger5577]
Chucky Online   biggrin

Registered: 04/06/08
Posts: 8514
Loc: UK Midlands
Ed,you have quite a following here.
Will you give us any sort of updates as you try to make progress?
"Facts don't care about your feelings".

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