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#3022195 - 05/31/10 02:32 PM Anyone remember Dawn Patrol??  
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Major_Johnson Offline
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Joined: May 2010
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Jersey Shore USA
It was how my career in IT got started actually. One simple comuter game. I played it for hours on end. But that was Windows 95 then, and there was a lot of behind the scenes configuration that needed to be done, and fortunatley I knew a computer geek that was able to come over and get it done. Although I really don't remember (or understood) what he did. And now, 12-13 years and 5 operating systems later, all I can do is look at box.

I've heard that it's possible to get some old games to run on XP with some DOS emulators, like DOSbox, but I just don't have the expertise on the commands needed. I know that sounds funny coming from someone in the IT field, but when I got into it, using DOS was not part of schools curriculum that I went to. In fact the O/S of choice at the time was NT. Does anyone out there have any knowledge on the subject?? It would be appreciated.

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#3022210 - 05/31/10 02:58 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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DOS is a fairly simple command-line interface. In fact, modern versions lack the more powerful (and useful tools).

A folder is called a directory

One generally types a command followed by a name:
cd x = change directory to "x"
cd.. = go up a directory
dir = show the contents of directory
dir /p = show the contents of the directory and pause if the contents fill more than one screen
copy *.* x = copy all files in current directory to "x"
copy alphabet.* x = copy all files named "alphabet", regarless of type to "x"
copy *.a = copy all files ending in "a" regardless of type to "x"
md "x" = create directory "x"
rd "x" = remove directory "x"
del *.* = identical to copy except it deletes everything in the directory
del alphabat.a = identical to copy except it deletes only "alphabet.a"
dawnpatrol = run dawnpatrol.exe

There are a few more - but that should be enough to get you started.

For DOSBox one needs to create virtual computer. If you read the help files it will give you the commands. Basically there are three steps:
I. Mount a directory as a drive - the command is something like:
Mount C C:\dosgames\
II. mount a cdrom drive if need be (simply copy the text in the help - the command is too long too remember)
III. Type the standard cd C:\ command to change directory to the new (fake) C:\ (which is really C:\dosgames in our example) and then select the game directory and run the program as if you were in dos.
IV. It is usually best to pick one setup and stay with it - including installing the games while already in Dosbox. This can avoid problems, and if you know batch, you can write a little program to automatically set things up. Dosbox also has commands that allow you to adjust the speed that games can access the CPU and RAM (to keep the games from running too fast).

DOSbox also exists for Linux and it is in this configuration that I've gotten a lot of games to run that I hadn't managed to since the 1990s.

Good luck

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#3022410 - 05/31/10 07:56 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Avimimus]  
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Joes Shop Offline
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Joined: Aug 2008
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I use Dosbox; you might want to try D-fend which uses a GUI.


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#3053771 - 07/16/10 06:53 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Joes Shop]  
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HistoryDude Offline
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Central Illinois
DOSbox is an awsome tool to play the old games. Free and uber-easy to install, learn, and use, even for non-IT fellows, like me! wink

edit: Oh, and, yes, I do remember Dawn Patrol - great fun! smile Aweseom Errol Flynn movie, tool! beercheers

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#3137569 - 11/15/10 02:30 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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Or . . .
You can find a P1 at Goodwill or rummage for $20 or less.
I took a hard drive from my old 486 box, that hadn't run in 10 years, and put it in; it started and ran stuff I hadn't seen in ten years. I've loaded up the old Rowan sims, and Wings of Glory, SWotL, Dynamix stuff--worth every penny.

#3158823 - 12/17/10 12:48 AM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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Sectoid Offline
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Joined: Dec 2010
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I had DP but Rowan's Flying Corps was much better and I still have my CDR copy they sent me for doing a bit of beta testing when they converted it from 2D graphics engine to D3D. I can get that running but don't have DP anymore to try it.

#3209815 - 02/17/11 01:52 AM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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RedVonHammer Offline
RedVonHammer  Offline

Joined: Jan 2007
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Dawn Patrol was amongst my first WW1 flight "sims" ever too, I can`t remember if I ran that or RB1 first.

I still own the very first PC I ever had, with DP and RB1 on it.

But I prefer to play it on Dosbox w/D-Fend.
Remember to install the game WITH dosbox (Or, practically D-Fend) and install as VGA res, and not SVGA or you`ll end up with the usual error when starting the game, however if anyone knows how to get the game running with SVGA please do say so, I havent played DP w/SVGA textures in YEARS smile

Set up with Sound Blaster for sound, preferably 16 or the likes.

I sort of missed out on Flying Corps, also it is very hard to get running whether it be dos box w/d-fend or W7, RB2 was pretty good though smile

#3210205 - 02/17/11 02:37 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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ArgonV Offline
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Joined: Jan 2001
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College Station, Texas, USA
I've gotten Dawn Patrol to run in SVGA res before via DOSBox, but it has been a while and I forgot what vid card options I used. frown

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#3242111 - 03/22/11 10:29 PM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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'Stuffy' - Dowding!

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Do mean the one with that book, from which you choose your missions? Yep, I remember that - not a bad little game, but I preferred Knight of the Sky. When is someone going to do a Knights of the Sky II?

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#3243410 - 03/24/11 02:53 AM Re: Anyone remember Dawn Patrol?? [Re: Major_Johnson]  
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Hellshade Offline
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I wouldn't hold my breath sir. PC games aren't as popular as they once were due to the console invasion. Of the PC games that are produced, flight simulation makes up a very small percentage because of how complex it is to program these things to behave realistically. Not just the AI but each planes individual flight model.

So these days your choices are (in alphabetical order)

First Eagles 2 - by Third Wire

Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell - By OBD software

Rise of Flight - by 777 studios

I can't say I've tried First Eagles 2, however I own and regularly fly the other two. Both have some amazingly good aspects to them and are well supported by dedicated Devs.


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