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#3165559 - 12/25/10 04:17 PM TARGET sees my throttle as Z axis?
- Ice Offline

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Is it just me or is it the same for all Cougar users? I move my throttle and it registers on the Z axis. Nothing I do moves the Throttle axis, as far as the Device Analyzer says. Also, my Rx (ANT ELEV) is off-center as well as my slider0 (MAN RNG). Any way to correct these and re-center/re-calibrate my stick?

Still not using them on DCS A10 so not really in a hurry...

- Ice

#3166215 - 12/26/10 10:30 PM Re: TARGET sees my throttle as Z axis? [Re: - Ice]
Slammin Offline
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For the axis assignment, make sure "Apply enable/disable Windows axis states" is check in CCP.

Sounds like you also need to do a manual calibration of your stuff in CCP.
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