Here's a simple script inspired by the old Viper_ala13 Cougar profile for RoF.

Pressing S3+H2U you can trim the stick to the current Y axis position; S3+H2D to revert (critical for SE5a jockeys). Mic switch R/L on the throttle acts as zoom (press to revert). Speed brake is the blip, while SBF quickly pauses/unpauses the game. Mixture is set on the throttle 'friction' slider. The rest stays faithful to the default T.A.R.G.E.T. supplied profile for RoF.

The script requires a Cougar, as it incorporates gameport connected pedals (such as Simped F16/C, Elite and RCS). Make sure that you place the included in your RoF/data/input folder for this to work. Setup Cougar CCP as per the included screenshot.

Have fun.

P.S.: Script for bombers is forthcoming.