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#3149117 - 12/03/10 12:47 PM Pooping on the field?
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#3149138 - 12/03/10 01:32 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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#3149180 - 12/03/10 02:21 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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No big thing. It happens. Ever been with a Battalion of Paratroopers who are all geared-up, inspected, and on ramp wait for an aircraft that is delayed ? Ever been with a team in the jungle eating and drinking poor quality unfamiliar food ? Ever been with a unit going through an obstacle course which causes a lot of stress and contortions on the body ?

Man, it's part of life. We are biological creatures.

Now all that said. Funnnnny. rofl
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#3149310 - 12/03/10 04:19 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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I guess it depends on the situation you find yourself in.
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#3149312 - 12/03/10 04:23 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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There was an article in ESPN the magazine a month or two ago about how a lot more athletes poop during events than you would think. It just ends up being a lot more obvious with some. The funniest story in the article was a center for the Seahawks who had a stomach issue he tried to hold back but as soon as he got hit on the first play he crapped his pants. He said after that when he was in the huddle he told the QB to stop licking his fingers.
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#3149345 - 12/03/10 04:56 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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It's a good think they don't allow tackling in soccer..
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#3149377 - 12/03/10 05:29 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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It happened to a poor guy in a BJJ class I was in. His opponent took him down and he shat himself as the wind got knocked out of him. The instructor yelled at him to get off the damned mat and to the showers. We were all stunned for about 10 seconds and the entire class burst out into uncontrolled laughter while the instructor fumed about the streaks on the mat.

Turns out the last laugh was on us because we were made to clean the mat. help
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#3149763 - 12/04/10 10:39 AM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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Too graphic, so just the link
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#3149789 - 12/04/10 11:15 AM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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This one gym I used to go to (it's now a private school), had a summer program that was basically a kid kamp/baby-sitting deal. Some of those kids were in their mid-teens and several of them were obnoxious shat-heads. The "leaders" the kamp provided were hardly any older or more mature. I came into the locker room several times and they were in there shouting and slamming empty locker doors and the group leader was right there, leading them on. I told him he'd better shut that bunch up and get them to wherever the hell they were supposed to be.

But, getting back to shat, I came in one time and they had shat all over the toilet seats and in the shower area. Not good and again I blasted the front room management about it. They cleaned it up, but hells bells, who does stuff like that? I've had "emergency shat NOW!" situations and it's not comfortable, but this was on purpose. Dorks.
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#3149864 - 12/04/10 01:07 PM Re: Pooping on the field? [Re: Desert Eagle]
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This is a good example of why the TV stations in the U.S. don't go for soccer, guy craps in his pants and you still don't get a time out so you can have a commercial break.

If this was baseball or football it would have resulted in a massive clean up and sterilization of the field including bringing in a Zamboni to scrape the turf.

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