Realize this is an old thread, but it's been helpful to me when researching the Obutto Ozone, so just wanted to report back my experiences in case someone else stumbles upon it.

This is still a great chair for flight sims at good value, highly recommend. (I paid under $400 while on sale at Definitely a step up from my previous setup using an office chair with custom stick/throttle mounts clamped to the wobbly armrests. Everything much more solid now, fixed and more ergonomic distance to rudder pedals etc. Also got the warthog mount, enjoying having the stick in the center, works great with a stick extension.

One useful mod (if you can even call it that) involving the warthog mounts is that you can repurpose the original stick's base plate (not used anymore anyways when the stick is mounted to the Obutto) to pin it between the throttle and its mounting plate (they happen to share the same hole distance so this just fits, need slightly longer mounting bolts though). Result is you have an extra utility surface next to the throttle, I use that for a trackball for left-hand use - sometimes useful in DCS when I can't take right hand off the stick, e.g. while flying the Huey.

Space for rudder pedals was a concern, but I can report that at least the VKB pedals (T-Rudder Mk. IV) fit great.

Another concern I had was if the box would fit in my (tiny) car, since I live within driving distance of mainperformancepc's US warehouse (near Tacoma/Seattle), and self-pickup saved significant shipping costs (over $100). Well, the box didn't fit, but I just opened it up and fit all the parts relatively easily. Biggest part was the actual seat - as long as you can fit another car seat in your car you should be fine. (It helped that the seat can recline almost fully, made the maneuvering into the car easier.)