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#2919142 - 12/13/09 12:10 PM SAM Simulator  
Joined: Mar 2007
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Joined: Mar 2007
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Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#2920837 - 12/16/09 02:31 AM Re: SAM Simulator [Re: NaiseFail]  
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Joined: Oct 2004
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Wow what a find!

I think I'll need a lot of time to learn this one.

Words, such as liberal and liberty, all trace their history to the Latin liber, which means "free".
#2921181 - 12/16/09 04:59 PM Re: SAM Simulator [Re: exhausted]  
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How to shoot someone in Cairo mission? I have 2 targets at north-east that don't even get in missile range. And some targets heading from the south at extremely low altitude and high speed. They cross my fire zone in couple of minutes and most of the time I cant even distinguish how many of them. Then they get higher altitude, but while missile is flying they get out of range.

What mode is better to use? I usually select LORO, but it is impossible at low altitudes! And wide beam mode is totally inaccurate!

And how to say where is your target, when there are two marks on your screen? Before I selected marks with the same distance, but when your targets are in formation it is too difficult, because they are all at the same distance.

#2921712 - 12/17/09 03:01 PM Re: SAM Simulator [Re: baobab]  
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Joined: Oct 2008
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LORO is the normal guidance mode. It is quite adequate with appropriate fuse action for low level fire. You need the gated proximity mode, and to inhibit lead on diving low altitude targets - the left hand switch in the Volkhoz 'z' Screen.

For rapid acquisition of a valid elevation/azimuth range if two targets are at the same range, the easiest method is to take cueing from the IADS hand-off. Then you just lock up the target which is centred under the az/el/range lines. Still the combination of closure rate and acquisition time/missile flight time prevent more than two targets in formation being taken under fire by a single battery.

If you don't want to use IADS, then offset the azimuth until only one target is showing strongly, the elevation that remains matches the target on the near side, and the other az/el pair the target on the far side of the formation bearing. This is fairly subtle though and it isn't foolproof.

With the low altitude switch however, the only radar mode is Wide Beam.

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