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#2374573 - 11/09/07 02:27 AM Re: Essential reading about the Air War in the South Atlantic ***** [Re: goon]
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I second the recommendation for Jerry Pook's book. It's an excellent and informative read on the difficulties of low level ground attack (on both sides), and has a shedload of incidental and technical detail whilst still being a relatively short and exciting read!

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#3219708 - 02/27/11 08:18 AM Re: Essential reading about the Air War in the South Atlantic [Re: Dante-JT]
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I just bought it today so I can't tell what it's like, though..
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#3260199 - 04/05/11 04:41 AM Re: Essential reading about the Air War in the South Atlantic [Re: Dante-JT]
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Well i´ve read both Wards and Morgans book. And i like Wards more, i mean yeah the tone is pretty rough, but i sense somebody rather frustrated by his superiors. I mean Things like carrying out visual searches in which you shouldn´t use the radar, if you are able to use it, sounds pretty damn stupid to me. I think there is a good deal of frustration in this book and its evident in its "arrogant" tone. You have to take into account that he was a one of the leading officers for the SHAR and knew what he was doing and did a good deal of tactical planning. Also even Morgan does not pull his punches about No. 800 Squadrons training status, and the tatctics used, for example in the first raid on Stanley. I think its not about how the should´ve been won, but about pointing out the flaws in the tactics, to avoid making them a second time. And quite a few people in leadership think themselves infallible, if you want to show those people their error, you sometimes need to shove them face first into it.

Well Morgans book has a definately more personal level and is from that point more interesting. Wards Book is from a squadron commanders level and its a more technical.

Still a very good selection of books here.
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