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#2086049 - 11/09/05 10:20 PM Lock On FAQ ****
Joe Offline

Registered: 04/05/02
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Loc: Bridgewater, NJ
Lock On: Modern Air Combat and Lock On: Air Combat Simulation are the same software. LOACS is the European title.

What is the most up to date version of Lock On?
Version 1.02; the patch is available here (click on "Downloads", then on "Patches").

What is Flaming Cliffs?
Flaming Cliffs is an add-on to LOMAC that brings the game to version 1.1. The feature list is here . Flaming Cliffs can be downloaded at or purchased on CD from Naturalpoint or Simware .

What is the most up to date version of Flaming Cliffs?
Version 1.12b; the patch is available here .

What is Lock On Gold?
Lock On Gold is a packaged combination of LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs, available online and in stores. Note that some Flaming Cliffs CDs distributed via Lock On Gold are faulty; see the Evolved Games website for replacement instructions.

What is Black Shark?
Black Shark will be another add-on to LOMAC and should result in version 1.2. The feature list is here . Estimated Black Shark release was originally March 2006. That date has passed, so now it's anyone's guess.

Help! My TrackIR doesn't work. How do I fix it?
Lock On 1.12a has a bug where the TrackIR sometimes stops responding. To correct this, delete the TrackIR.ini file in the \Lock On\Input folder and the TrackIR file (no extension) in the \Lock On\Input folder. These files will be recreated when you next start Lock On and the TrackIR should work again.

Is there an official LOMAC forum?

Is there an official Flaming Cliffs and Black Shark forum?

Are there downloadable add-ons for Lock On?

Copy Protection
LOMAC/LOACS uses SafeDisc
Flaming Cliffs uses StarForce
It is unknown what copy protection Black Shark will use

#2274352 - 08/01/07 08:36 PM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: Joe]
AV8R Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/08/00
Posts: 2535
Loc: Southern California USA
Is this version of Starforce hurting systems or performance?

I see there is a Starforce removal utility
but will LOMAC-FC run without it?

or does it get reinstalled everytime you fire up FC?

#2277736 - 08/06/07 10:02 AM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: AV8R]
Joe Offline

Registered: 04/05/02
Posts: 17733
Loc: Bridgewater, NJ
If you uninstall StarForce, Flaming Cliffs will reinstall StarForce the next time Flaming Cliffs is started.

#2344745 - 09/24/07 02:55 PM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: Joe]
vScorpion503 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/22/07
Posts: 67
Had to do a search for this one.. should be in the FAQ.

Enabling the Cockpit mouse. New installs of FC seem to have this function turned off by default. To enable, navigate to Lock On/Config/View/View.lua. Change CockpitMouse to true.

#2344758 - 09/24/07 03:08 PM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: vScorpion503]
Roosterfeet Offline

Registered: 05/23/07
Posts: 103
Loc: Texas
Is there anywhere I can go to play online now that Comcast customers can't access Hyperlobby?

#2347619 - 09/29/07 09:43 PM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: Roosterfeet]
Ajay Offline

Registered: 12/18/02
Posts: 17456
Loc: Brisbane OZ
xfire should pick up any HL servers \:\)
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#2367697 - 10/31/07 07:18 PM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: Ajay]
PoleCat Offline

Registered: 02/09/02
Posts: 513
Comcast does not seem to stop me or my friends from joining through Hyperlobby. where did you get this information? For me at least it is incorrect.


#2368134 - 11/01/07 11:06 AM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: PoleCat]
Joe Offline

Registered: 04/05/02
Posts: 17733
Loc: Bridgewater, NJ
It used to be correct for many - a well-documented problem. Apparently Comcast has changed something in the last month or two and many more Comcast customers can now access Hyperlobby.

#2369770 - 11/03/07 11:49 AM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: Joe]
No Name Offline

Registered: 05/21/02
Posts: 15158
are there links to the mods like loman, etc in a sticky here?
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#2371172 - 11/05/07 11:52 AM Re: STICKY: Lock On FAQ [Re: No Name]
Joe Offline

Registered: 04/05/02
Posts: 17733
Loc: Bridgewater, NJ
Should be at Lockonfiles...

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