Yep, a LittleCrappyShip, LCS 15 was undocking while being assisted by two tugs,

The tugs let go their lines and the LCS POS careened right into a parked (docked) cargo ship.

Go Navy Go. cuss

Sadly, the LCS didn't sink, Happily for the crew, but sad for the Navy and America.

Another useless POS excuse for a combat ship will eventually (when they learn to drive it) join the US fleet as a combat ship.

I still believe Admirals should be recalled, and court martialed for selling this criminal fraud to America. Contractors too, and the politicos that supported it should be prosecuted.

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Just give it to Canada...if they will take it.

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I personally believe in the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and that deficit spending is sustainable forever. We really do need more Admirals in the Navy than ships and that millions of more poor immigrants will jump start the economy.

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