'Hamlet' paid too much for a few of these "Funny Flowers".
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Notice the price.. :/ Are these Denmark Prices? - no, the real Danish Kronborg Slot dish didin't come with it!

Actually its its from a California legal recreational Cannabis Sativa store. In fact its just across from Miramar MCAS so if you are ever flying in just for this ie. you're retiring... just don't plan on flying out for awhile!

Admittedly this is a poor sample but I'm just posting it both for your amusement and to make a point, mainly;

I don't Get the modern age ~ What would have not been a big problem to get in the "Old World" in now completely bogged down in the modern greedy world.
What I mean is, what was a simple roadside weed I could have gathered with other herbs very simply. Now its become the new California Gold Rush saddled with tons of regulations, taxes and the whole kit and kaboodle.

And really the black market prices are incredibly low $60 an oz. here if u 'know someone' but I don't..
Seems to me the only ones making the money are the Big Money types who could also afford the $100,000 by-in for a license and even that was a lottery. What a racket!

Anyway by chance I actually found some weed on the side of road but waiting for harvest time late summer. Til then I'll have to suffer..

I'm seriously considering moving to Denmark or Sweden but I have no idea the prices there?


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