Hi all,
The first of the Fokker D.VII pair is completed.
So now I'm starting the second of the models, the 'skeletal' model.
This will be a full view model with 3D printed parts from 'Shapeways'.

The donor engine is from the 'Wingnut Wings' Fokker D.VII (OAW) built with the following replacement 3D printed components:
Created by Bob Monroe ('Flugzeugwerke') and available from ‘Shapeways’.
Mercedes D.III Oil Pump,
Mercedes D.IIIa Cylinders (hollow),
Mercedes D.IIIa Crankcase,
German Aircraft Magneto,
Mercedes Cylinder clamps,
Gun synchro mechanism,

The aircraft structure will be the 3D printed Fokker D.VII structure.
Created by Richard Andrews ('Aviattic') and available from ‘Shapeways’.


There will be other after market parts used.

I thought I'd start with the engine, which had to modify slightly as the internal mountings in the 3D sump and block are too small to accept the kit supplied propeller shaft.
Instead I've made one from brass micro-tube to fit not only the 3D engine but also the 'Proper Plane' Heine propeller.


[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

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