Hi all,
I thought you might like to the progress of my 16th 1:32 scale build - The Sopwith F1 ‘Camel’.
This model represents the Sopwith F1 ‘Camel’, Serial No.B6313 (later modified version), as flown by Major William G Barker, CO of No.139 Squadron, RAF, based at Villaverla, Italy during August 1918.

Thus far I've completed the engine and cockpit, plus other modifications to model parts.

The cockpit, as always, took the longest to complete due to the many modifications etc.

Resin replacement Wicker Seat and cushion.
Fabric replacement seat belts.
Copper micro-tubes for fuel supply to engine, main and auxiliary fuel tanks, fuel contents indicator and fuel tank pressurization.
Brass micro-tubes for a pipe 4-way union, pipe connectors and fuel filter.
Lead wire for gun trigger cables and engine ‘blip’ switch.
Rigging wires with turnbuckles for cockpit side frame, under shield and floor bracing.
Flight control cables with turnbuckles for Ailerons, rudder, elevator and tail skid.
Micro-tube for throttle control linkage.


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