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how is the just the regular take on helicopters? is it like arma where if you are traveling more than 35 kph, you lose the ability to yaw left and yaw right?

Some good info here:


I find the flight model in ToH much improved over Arma, and their support has been excellent so far (lots of patches, community mods etc)

i also looked at the technology checklist,

thanks, this article doesnt tell me about my question, i just like to know (for those who have played take on helicopters or hinds),

DOES the helicopter yaw stop working when you hit a certain speed? (in take on helicopters & hind) that was the thing i hated the most about Arma helicopters.. the inability to yaw left or right when you are at cruising speed..

Ah, got it - specifics. I don't have it setup here, but could check tonight.

Also, there's a pretty full featured demo - so it's easy to try it out, plus advisable to check it out on your PC to make sure it runs as well as you'd like.


(on the right, Download Demo)