So I've owned and dialed in my skills on a very stable Syma S107 (indoor heli) and its big brother the S032 (outdoor heli). I'd now like to move up to the next best thing something twice as fast and twice as agile. The Syma S032 leaves a lot to be desired as an outdoor heli, its slow and even the slightest .25mph wind will drag it down field or down the street. To counter this I add a little bit of weight to the nose but even still flight is slow going until I initiate a slight turn in forward flight.

I'm OK with the performance of the Syma Heli's after all they are for beginners and supposed to be forgiving and easy to fly. At this point though I've grown perfectly comfortable with my ability to pilot and what to take a small step up. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a successor to the S032?

I know R/C is not a cheap hobby but I'm hoping something is available for under $100. The amount of fun for $20 in a Syma S107 or $30 in a S032 can't be beat in terms of bang for buck. I need something that is RTF and if nothing is out there in that price range I may just buy a few more Syma helis.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I've got a bad feeling about this.....