More new screenshots from "Ssnake". He writes...

"The pictures show the Russian 2S1 "Gvozdika" howitzer, caliber 122mm. They will replace the "artillery placeholder" unit that we had in previous versions. It's mostly an artwork thing, they aren't yet fully functional. We will however equip them with a few HEAT rounds for self defense purposes so that they aren't completely helpless.

These new units should be a useful addition to create scenarios showing the events following a breakthrough in a linear battlefield where tanks are supposed to expand and exploit a gap in the defense line and wreak as much havoc as possible in the enemy's rear area. Ultimately, getting these units in one's sights is a tanker's classic indicator that an assault has been successful (that, and still being alive, of course).

The typical weapon range of this howitzer is 15km; per classic Soviet doctrine it would the the prime element of a regimental's artillery group and be found from about four to eight kilometers behind the mechanized and armor units' front line. The vehicle chassis is a derivative of the MT-LB, which is known for its excellent cross-country mobility especially across soft ground, or snow. The 2S1 is one of the most widely proliferated artillery systems worldwide."

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