If yea don't like don't buy it. I personally can't wait. I do have to say I am very addicted to sims. Eye candy is just that eye candy and when it coems down to it, system working and modeled is more important then shadows.I guess why I still play Falcon after 13 years and I had Steel beast 1 and follow this and a few others.


home built I7 870 Lynnfield Chip at stock speed 2.93 with Evga P55FTW system board, A BFG GTX275 Vid card, 4Gigs Corsair Dominator Mem 2600+, 1.3 TB on 2 WD Hard drives, Corsair H50 water cooler.X-65F with peddals and Tir 4 track clip pro One badass machine...
A truism "liberals, who believe that everyone should categorically agree with them because their theoretical positions are "a higher truth" than the positions of any person out there living in and interacting with the real world."