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If Shadows will be added in the next upgrade will there be a chance to add some sort of suspension system as well? I never seen a tanksim that doesnt have this these days exept Steel beasts pro. Is this a sign the simulation is getting out-dated , or is there some other reason for not including this in the sim?

Oscar, do you really believe that hawking over a single item in every. single. post. that you write will make the animation of roadwheels come any faster?
Constant reiteration of the same point with the same arguments and without actually learning from three years or replies to that same question of yours only makes you look like a robot. Is there really nothing of bigger importance for you? Even if so, do you really believe that we haven't got your point?

Steel Beasts Professional, above all, is a simulation of combined arms combat tactics - at battalion level and below in larger multiplayer games, at company team level and below for a single player. A secondary role of Steel Beasts is crew procedure and gunnery training, in combination with the right hardware, be it as a desktop trainer station or as a part of larger cabin trainer installations (I hope to be able to make a decent video of some of them in the future). Bouncing roadwheels simply are of no importance in either role. Their main purpose is "good looks". Good looks are nice, we like them like everybody, but they simply are not at the focus of our attention, and never will as long as our main business is in delivering training tools.

I think you are mistaking me for someone else buddy. This is my first post on the subject and i dont even have Steel Beast (yet)
But to comment on the subject (if you dont mind) i understandt bouncing roadwheels do not have that much value for simulation and that for the bigger part its just good on the eyes.
But it seems shadows are about on the same level arent they? I wouldnt see any real value for simulation but yet it is mostly good on the eyes right?
However its not a showstopper and i considering buying steel beasts somewhere along the line. Its just that i wondered if it would ever see implementation thats all.
I didnt know that it was THAT big of an issue for some..