Unfortunately we just couldn't cram that part into the schedule for this release. It's next on the agenda (really!) - I have to say though that quite honestly, the lack of shadows is most dramatic only in these screenshots. During simulation runs you're doing something wrong if your attention is focused on your own vehicle. Most of the time you'll be spending in thermal and gun sights, or scanning the horizon with binoculars, and there the lack of shadows shouldn't bother you too much.
Maybe we're too engineering oriented and focus too much on the pure functionality.
But the new version will allow for rendering distances of up to 18 kilometers, and I have to say that the ability to orient yourself with prominent mountains in the distance is very helpful - had somebody forced me to make a choice, I'd have chosen the longer render distance in a heartbeat because the overall utility value is much higher. I concede though that my point of view isn't the only valid one.

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