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Stupidity of celebrities
by semmern
Today at 07:28 AM
10 things Canadians dont know about Americans
by Linebacker
Yesterday at 08:15 PM
Pirate has to get 200k views or face large fine .....
by leaf_on_the_wind
Yesterday at 03:34 PM
Happy Thanksgiving
by Coot
Yesterday at 02:08 PM
Any black powder aficionados here?
by Li'lJugs
Yesterday at 02:07 PM
Same place in 1957 and 2015.
by Desert Eagle
Yesterday at 01:22 PM
Game recording software for AMD gpu?
by Rends
Yesterday at 01:18 PM
Highway Robbery!
by CG2015
Yesterday at 05:00 AM
The Black Friday sales,
by marko1231123
Yesterday at 04:54 AM
My Honor Was Loyalty - SS Band of Brothers type movie
by Ajay
Yesterday at 03:01 AM

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