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8 minutes ago
Originally Posted by ChuckyOriginally Posted by PanzerMeyer I can then fulfill my dream of being Julius Caesar at his Triumph in 45 BCE. Yeah,I'm gonna use mine for porn. Oh, mine will have plenty of porn too. It just will occur after the Triumph. ...
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European Air War
14 minutes ago
Can't tell from your post. Did you see the problem with the He111 mixed PEX/PRA and MEX/MRA files? I'm uploading a mixed skin B-26 zip called B26(multi)12-11-2018to your folder. In addition to the fact that I've only produced 8 skins I also haven't included mixed skin M and...
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Community Hall
43 minutes ago
Those lounge kimonos worn by Rush were just atrocious! And it looks like during the 80's that Geddy Lee's hair was about half of his body weight....
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Tactical Simulations - General
1 hour ago
I want the Libyan theatre of North Africa......
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European Air War
2 hours ago
I love what is possible with multiskins ...
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European Air War
5 hours ago
Nice work, Modred...
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Outer Space & Science Fiction
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by wheelsup_cavuOriginally Posted by Mr_BlastmanMila Kunis, ugh... How about Valerian? Anyone see that? I love Luc Besson(some of his stuff) but I've avoided the film due to mixed reviews and the potential for nonsensical action. The Fifth Element had a fair...
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Screenshot & Video Gallery
8 hours ago
Did you try Gypsi or some other spelling? I've had a few games like this and you can normally find a dodgy workaround. ...
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
10 hours ago
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DCS World
10 hours ago
Originally Posted by Force10Cool video...I like the air show theme. I can't help but think it would have looked better/smoother if they rendered the video at 60fps instead of 48fps. It's an odd choice to render the vid at...guessing that's closer to the native FPS it was capture...
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Community Hall
11 hours ago
An extra click and one can watch on YouTube....
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Yesterday at 11:57 PM
Even Poland map runs much better ....
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Wings: Over The Reich
Yesterday at 11:09 PM
Great stuff Pol, the gift that keeps on giving!...
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Jane's F-15 & F/A-18
Yesterday at 10:25 PM
on·er·ous /ˈōnərəs,ˈänərəs/ adjective involving an amount of effort and difficulty that is oppressively burdensome. QuoteFrom the VFA-41 website: 1. VFA-41 is a squadron of active F/A-18 pilots. "Active" is defined as flying in a squadron mission at least on...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 09:20 PM
Yeah, they'll be fine you'd reckon. They have built a nice cushion in the early going. Even if they just played .500 hockey from here on out they'd make the playoffs. They have a good record, but only a +3 goal differential which might be a concern. But a long way to go like you...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 08:38 PM
Thanks for sharing MadDog. I enjoy the gentleman's channel and really enjoy this RDR2 themed firearm survey....
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Outer Space & Science Fiction
Yesterday at 08:17 PM
Yeah the leg gimmick kinda harmed the film more than helped it....
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Wings: Over Flanders Fields
Yesterday at 07:08 PM
Artillery spotting mission: ...
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Wings: Over The Reich
Yesterday at 07:02 PM
When you land, you can also bump up time compression to 12x for a minute or two which can help get people back where they need to be!...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 06:44 PM
Originally Posted by oldgrognardGE at $6.72 today. Still a falling knife. I'd say if it goes down to 1 or 2 bucks it's a buy. ...
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Outer Space & Science Fiction
Yesterday at 06:40 PM
I... um... kind of liked it? As you say, the first half is better than the second- but I found it all pretty entertaining. I actually REALLY enjoyed 10 Cloverfield Lane (the one with John Goodman)....
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IL-2: Great Battles
Yesterday at 06:22 PM
finishing the camouflaged version now ...
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ARMA Series
Yesterday at 05:54 PM
I uploaded a new mission to Dropbox....
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Naval Simulations
Yesterday at 05:45 PM
The man, although he seems to struggle in some game concepts. Maybe you can give him a hand Ahoy!...
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Community Hall
Yesterday at 05:39 PM
I watch LivePD all the time, really. It's better than having the TV on the news, anyway. What boggles my mind about it (and remember, I was an SP) is the amount of people that get pulled over without having their license on them. I only ever pulled over one guy on base who w...
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